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Design informed by science

Behavioural science education for creative professionals.


Upcoming dates

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Emotion in design

Thursday 24th October
Whext 2019 Conference
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Creating Emotion in Digital Experiences

Friday 8th November
D&AD, Cheshire Street
London, UK

Behaviour Design

Wednesday 27th November
A1 Slovenija - Private booking
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Leadership behaviour

Thursday 5th December
JWT - Private booking
Beirut, Lebanon


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The essentials

Learn the basics of Applied Behavioural Insights. Explore key techniques, tools and theory. Useful for people working on people-focused products and services.


Deep dives

Take a deep dive into psychology applied to design. Exploring key insights, processes and takeaway tools.



Get the latest tools and methods. Combine behavioural science with problem solving with these ideation cards.


Teaching creatives at


Take their word for it


Very enjoyable. Learnt a lot from the practical hands-on case studies. Loved the lively and engaging leader.

Business Analyst


Brain crammed with knowledge after today’s Behavioural Design Workshop. Recommend having Lauren come in. Energising.

Principal Designer


Very valuable. I got cool new techniques and ideas for testing a product. Enjoyed the practical exercises.

Customer Researcher


Supercharged my ideas! Gave me the tools to create solutions that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Designer of Public Services



Train your whole team


Made for you harnesses the power of Psychologists and Designers to create a course that meets your specific business challenges.

Designed to fit all schedules. Our courses and bespoke sessions are held where you need. At our Manchester HQ, immersed in your space or at your team away days.


Design-science tools for creatives


Small, but mighty behavioural science backed ideation cards.
For problem-solving, learning and creating change.


Generate ideas based on science


Tools for workshops, ideation and learning

For design leaders who want to focus on people’s behaviour, overcome unexpected consequences and learn powerful science to back their design choices.


Behavioural science in a box

Our aim is to unlock real people understanding found in academia and bring it to you. The problem solvers. The thinkers. The makers and creators. Each card is based on theory. With each box paired with a dedicated citation guide so you can keep learning all things brain, decision and people science.


Tried and tested

Our BehaviourKit was created by us, to use with our clients at BehaviourStudio. These are the tools that we use on projects spanning digital products, services, organisational change and policy making. You could say they are the boxed equivalent of our brain power and experience. Scary.


BehaviourKit decks 


Cards for change

Bring behaviour change principles into your next project with these question based ideation cards.


Insights library

Bitesize behavioural insights.
Proven knowledge paired with actionable questions to get you started.



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Taught by BEhaviourstudio

BehaviourStudio explores, determines and reveals all areas of behaviour using behavioural science. Unlocking people understanding - people’s behaviour - to think differently, work differently and drive change.

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