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Build on behaviour as a team

Made for you our team courses harnesses the power of Psychologists and Designers to create a course that meets your specific business challenges.

Designed to fit all schedules. Our courses and bespoke sessions are held where you need. At our Manchester HQ, immersed in your space or at your team away days.


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We offer group rates across all our courses and bespoke training packages for digital, product and design teams.
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The essentials

Bring your team together to focus on behaviour. Explore key techniques, tools and theory to use on your projects. For teams working to change people’s behaviour. Across digital, service and organisational.


Deep dives

With behaviour, some areas are more important than others to get right. Up skill your team to learn, explore and use key behavioural science to excel at these areas. Useful for all teams working on products and services for other people.


For you

Our bespoke service is unique to you. We harness the power of Psychologists and Designers to create a course that meets your specific business challenges.

Learning tailored to you, your team, and your needs.

Decision making

Do your leadership teams want to make better decisions? Bust the biases and unconscious influences to make more productive and effective decisions? We can help improve using decision science, our decision making framework and tools.


Behaviour Change

Are you working on digital transformation projects? And wanting to build out your expertise in implementing behaviour change? We can teach you the tools and framework to craft the best behaviour for digital transformation.


Creative habits

Do you and your team want to improve their productivity and craft successful habits?

We can teach you the Tiny Habits® method. Pioneered by Stanford research scientist Prof BJ Fogg PhD it breaks down your behaviour, crafts habit recipes and has wide reaching impact on your teams wellbeing and productivity.


UX Psychology

Want to learn about the brain and behaviour to improve your UX team? We will equip your team with all the relevant theory and insight to improve each of their design decisions.


Behavioural research

Does your team need a refresh on research techniques that reveal more about your customer’s behaviour than standard user research practices? We can break down the latest in behavioural testing, random controlled trials and behavioural surveys.


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Take their word for it


Very enjoyable. Learnt a lot from the practical hands-on case studies. Loved the lively and engaging leader.

Business Analyst


Brain crammed with knowledge after today’s Behavioural Design Workshop. Recommend having Lauren come in. Energising.

Principal Designer


Very valuable. I got cool new techniques and ideas for testing a product. Enjoyed the practical exercises.

Customer Researcher


Supercharged my ideas! Gave me the tools to create solutions that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Designer of Public Services


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