Change cards

Change cards


Bring behaviour change principles into your next project with these question based ideation cards.

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Tools for workshops, ideation and learning

For design leaders who want to focus on people’s behaviour, overcome unexpected consequences and learn powerful science to back their design choices.


Behavioural science in a box

Our aim is to unlock real people understanding found in academia and bring it to you. The problem solvers. The thinkers. The makers and creators. Each card is based on theory. With each box paired with a dedicated citation guide so you can keep learning all things brain, decision and people science.


Tried and tested

Our BehaviourKit was created by us, to use with our clients at BehaviourStudio. These are the tools that we use on projects spanning digital products, services, organisational change and policy making. You could say they are the boxed equivalent of our brain power and experience. Scary.