Creating Emotion in Digital Experiences

10 June 2019
09:30 - 17:30


Embrace the role of emotions in design and learn how technology can put humans first

Artificial intelligence might just take over the world. Right now, thanks to the Internet of Things, you can talk to your car, your boiler and even remotely peek into your fridge to see what you need to buy for dinner. But how can we leverage the accelerating world of technology to design experiences that really connect with people? And how on earth do you articulate them?

In this one-day workshop you will design through your heart, mind and eyes. We’ll start with humans first – you know, those sensitive souls made up of joy, fear, sadness, disgust and anger in various measures – and learn what triggers certain behaviour, and the vital role emotion plays.

You’ll spend some time investigating technology's part in all this, as well as how we can design experiences to provoke different emotional responses, and create relevant digital innovation that puts people first. Then you’ll turn those ideas into something that is tangible, beautiful and feasible, and put these experiences into the hands of people so you can test your idea and learn from it.

Alongside the practical applications of designing with emotion in mind, Lauren Kelly - founder of Behaviour Studio and a leading consumer behaviour expert - will provide the background theory to ensure you come away knowing what emotion buttons to press, why, when and where.



What you’ll learn

  • Delve deep into human behaviour and emotional triggers

  • Understand how to pair human need with functionality

  • Create experiences that span two or more connected devices

  • Have a process and tools to takeaway and use repeat for any brief



Who it’s for

  • Creative people with 3+ years’ experience, wanting to create emotive interactive designs

  • Any marketing or business professional who is interested in creating experiences, but doesn’t know where to start

  • Strategists and planners who are interested in how to connect with people through technology

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